For the World // Leadership Conference

For-the-World-Logo-Leadership-Conf-Web-Banner[1] John Elam is a Director of Missions in western Oklahoma. John has become a friend who is leading his association to do great things for the Gospel! He is getting ready to host a conference that I wanted to share with you about. If you are in the area, I would really encourage you to carve some time out to head over there. Both Alvin Reid and Nathan Finn have become good friends and in my opinion you won't find two more faithful, godly leaders in the SBC than those two guys. I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity.

Below is a description of the conference that John sent me.

Pastors and Leaders, I would like to invite you to attend an important Leadership Conference on November 2nd, hosted by Northwestern Baptist Association in Woodward, OK. The topic of this conference is “For the World: Becoming the Great Commission Church”.

It is the aim of this conference to gather church leaders who take seriously the call of Christ to take the Gospel to all the world and begin a conversation that will challenge, inspire and lead us to engage the 21st century world. With our churches in decline and evangelism efforts at alarmingly low rates the time is now to ask the hard questions and wrestle with the difficult issues that face the church in today's culture.

Please come and be part of the conversation as we seek together how the local church should take up the mantle of the Great Commission for the world. We need answers that are biblically sound, methodologically fresh, gospel centered and transformation oriented. Alvin Reid, Nathan Finn and Anthony Jordan will bring us the benefit of their insight and experience in talks and through a panel discussion. Your input is greatly desired. Please don't miss this great opportunity.