Family, Favre and lots of Fun!!!

Well, tomorrow morning I will not be at our church. Instead I'll be getting up and driving to the church in Kansas City that is being led by Vernon Armitage who is mentoring me, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, and then joining with my dad, who drove down from Wisconsin, and my father-in-law, who flew up from Dothan, AL, and my wife's uncle here in the area to head to Arrowhead Stadium to watch Brett Favre and my beloved Packers take on the Chiefs! I have never had the privilege of watching the Packers in person and I am really looking forward to finally seeing them, particularly since our seats are on the 45 yard line and only 9 rows from the field. The tickets are amazing and were given to me by a good friend of mine who's family has owned these 4 season tickets for a while, and thankfully don't mind giving them to Packer fans.

I'm more than a little excited, as I am sure you can imagine. I'm planning to take some pictures and I'll try to share them after we get back.

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