Faith, Family & Fun

Tonight was our Faith & Family night at the local minor league ballpark. Our St. Joseph Blacksnakes got beat by the Sioux Falls Canaries (how's that for a "killer" nickname. John Stickley, my buddy, is the Blacksnakes chaplain and got to deliver a 15 minute address on authentic faith. He did a great job explaining that Christ is trustworthy and then expounding on faith for those in attendance. Unfortunately the sound system wasn't clear enough to hear extremely well, but I think many who were there who were in better situated seats got to hear quality, biblical material concerning faith. Good job John!

As the leader of one of the church groups, I got to throw out the first pitch. I'm pumped because I got it to the catcher. It was quite a bit high to be a strike, but it made it there without bouncing and that makes it a success to me. I've included a pic for your enjoyment.