euangelion :: how should we communicate the gospel?

In my last post we asked the question, "What is the Gospel?" Although there was a bit of variation in our different opinions, it is obvious that we each have strongly held opinions that the gospel is something more than we often see it currently expressed in our churches. Joe Kennedy made a great point when he repeated Scot McKnight's words that "The gospel we preach produces the churches that we get." In fact, I might slightly restate that to say "The gospel we preach produces the 'Christians' that we get." In other words, whether or not our churches are full of actual believers or not is strongly tied to our need to preach an authentic gospel.  So having attempted to answer the previous question as to the substance of the gospel, I'd like to propose a new question. How does our definition of the gospel condition our delivery of the gospel? Maybe even more specifically I would like to ask, what in our modern delivery and communication of the gospel needs to be remedied? How do we need to teach others to communicate the gospel?