Does He really know?

Those of you who have talked to me about theology at all know that I'm fascinated by Free-Will Theism, otherwise known as Open Theism among other things. I have read a lot on the subject and I'm currently reading the book that kind of kick-started the modern Open Theist movement. It's no longer in print but one of my professors from BCF knew how much I enjoyed studying Open Theism and gave me a copy. It's fascinating. The book is called God's Foreknowledge and Man's Free Will by Richard Rice. In short Open Theism is concerned with the ability for man to have free will in the salvific process. Open Theist's are willing to admit what pure Arminians won't. Namely that if you acknowledge that God knows all things especially all future things, than there is really no genuine possibility of free will. God's knowledge about an event happening requires that the specific event must happen. We can't do what God doesn't know. Hence limited free will.

In order to answer that question, as well as various other questions concerning textual references to God changing His mind and God offering multiple alternatives based on mans choices, the Free Will Theists have devised this theology. This theology maintains that God knows all there is to know. However, because the future hasn't happened yet, it isn't available to be known. Therefore God doesn't know the future.

In reality this is a limited definition and the topic is much greater than this. If you are a minister or any kind of Christian apologist I would recommend that you become familiar with this theology. It is rapidly gaining acceptance. Every major denomination except Southern Baptist's have accepted it as orthodox theology. We need to be prepared to answer their questions!

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