Dagaara Music

Tracy is leading a prayer group this Saturday for our local Baptist Association and she is tasked with leading the prayer for West Africa. She is very excited about the opportunity. I was helping her do a little research tonight and was on the West Africa region website, which is incredibly full of amazing information. While researching, however, I ran across a page filled with music from West Africa. We almost jumped out of our skin when we saw a couple of songs from the Dagaara people.

This is a big deal for us because the Dagaara recordings were done in one of our villages while Tracy and I were serving among the Dagaara. We worked, together with a couple from Senegal who were music missionaries, to lead our people to write this original music and then we helped record this music. Tracy and I were sitting with our Dagaara friends while these recordings were being made. We had never had the chance to hear this music so to listen to it tonight was an unexpected treat. It was also a walk down memory lane for us.

I've posted a song below so that you can get a taste of Dagaara music. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


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