Convention prep

This should probably be my last post before heading to Indianapolis. I'm backed up with work to do and I've got a wedding to perform this weekend so I don't think I'll have time to write anymore. I wanted to write a quick note and mention a couple of things to look for while I'm gone to the convention.

  • First, I will not be live blogging. I'm not planning to take my laptop into the convention hall this year which will be a first compared to the past couple of years. I will, however, be in communication during the convention with my good friend, Alan Cross. Alan can't be in Indy this year but will have access to his computer. If anything important pops up, I will let Alan know and he will get the word out asap. Be sure to bookmark his site and be prepared to check his updates out.
  • Although I won't be live blogging, I'll try to provide a nightly update on the convention. I am often very busy during this week so I'm not promising anything. I know, however, that it is pretty typical for my site traffic to triple during convention week so I know many of you are looking for info. I'll do the best I can to provide it.
  • I'm privileged to be a part of Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation's blog tour to promote their new book, "Compelled by Love". As part of that I will be posting a two part interview on Tuesday during the convention. Part 1 will feature a written interview which we did this week. Part 2, however, will feature an audio interview with Ed that we'll be recording Monday morning in Indy. Be sure to watch for that. The book is fantastic and Stetzer and Nation help provide some excellent resources.
  • Thankfully our church has been very generous in their commitment to missions giving through the Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings and as a result Tracy and I have been invited to a dinner with the IMB and then a luncheon with NAMB. I'm looking forward to spending that time with the great missions thinkers in our convention.
  • Ok, this one is kind of goofy, but I figured I'd have some fun this year and mix everybody up. :-) I think I'm going to sport a suit every day of the convention. After my jeans and shirts over the past two years, I thought that would be a fun change of pace.