Contemplating culture…

I would like to begin taking an occasional opportunity to address the idea of the christian and the culture that surrounds them. As a child who grew up very much a product of CCM, Thomas Kinkade, WWJD bracelets and "christian" subculture as a whole this idea of a christian and culture has seemed almost foreign to me. Growing up I was convinced that if you weren't submersed into that culture, you weren't fully christian. It seems to me that we continue to produce generations that buy into this very same methodology. Within the parameters of the church, rather than addressing culture and defining culture, we have chosen to create a subculture and then attack culture at large. My hope is that we can discuss the concepts of the christian and culture over the next few weeks. I'm particularly looking forward to your comments as I share with you the ideas and thoughts that I've been working through over the past 3-5 years. I also look forward to sharing some resources in the form of both books, interviews, papers and videos that I've found that have shaped my thinking.

As a starting point, I'd like to share with you Mark Driscoll's thoughts about "christian culture." He shared this in the context of an intro video for the recent Desiring God Conference. Driscoll has some pointed, controversial thoughts, but one's that I think carry value.

Enjoy "Christian Culture Vs. Biblical Culture"!

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