Brett Favre comes back

Brett Favre Those of you who know me know that I am a die hard Packer fan. My dad is from Wisconsin and since I was a baby I have been taught to love the Packers. I come complete with a Favre, Reggie White and even a personalized, Micah Fries Packers' jersey. I have the cheesehead, the helmet, the mini helmet, the title towel as well as a plethora of hats, shirts, socks, shorts, sweatshirts and various other items of clothing. My point is, I am a HUGE Packers fan.

Brett Favre announced yesterday that he will return for his 17th season. I really didn't think he would come back. I thought he had called it quits after the Bears game last season. I was wrong and I want you to know I am glad I was wrong. Much is being made now about whether or not Favre should come back and whether it is good for the Packers or not.

I don't know whether it was good or not, I'm no sports expert, but I can tell you what I think. I don't care if his return costs them a shot at the playoffs, as this ESPN writer seems to suggest, I don't care if the Packers are good or bad this season (well I do care, but in respect to Favre coming back I'm not as concerned) what I care about is that I get the chance to watch my sports hero play for another year. I know many of you will think I'm nuts but I would rather watch the Packers have a losing season with Brett Favre than go to the Super Bowl without him this year. Now I understand that Favre will leave someday, and when he does I will not cease to be a Packer fan. I will still root for them to win and be pained when they lose. I will rejoice when they get to the Big Game again, I'm not saying I won't. What I'm trying to say is, however, that given the option of a season with! Favre and a season without him, I'll take Favre.

His career can only be described as one of the most spectacular of all time. His worth to the Packers is rivaled by only names like Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke and Paul Hornung, not to mention Vince Lombardi. His exploits on the field have caused an entire cheeshead nation to learn to love the guy from Mississippi and for that I believe he deserves as many years as he wants. As long as he is happy to play, I am happy to watch. I, for one, am glad he's back.

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