Bono has become one of my favorite mainstream artists and the group U2, in my opinion, is the greatest rock band of all time (sorry Beatles & Stones). A short time back I was watching the Legacy Awards on FOX. The Legacy Award Show is the annual show presented by the NAACP to recognize significant African Americans in American life and culture. They presented a series of Chairman's Awards that evening and one of the winners was Bono for his work in eradicating extreme poverty and AID's from across the world, and particularly in Africa. Below is the video of his acceptance speech. The entire speech is good, but if you watch in particular from the 5th minute through the end, Bono delivers a tremendous message to the churches in America who are not confronting through ignorance, or downright avoidance, the crisis of AID's and extreme poverty. I would encourage you to watch it. It's good. After that video is another video from Bono explaining the povert! y crisis that exists today. It's two years old, but just as relevant as when it was first produced.