Blogging=Christian journalism?

Baptist Press published an article today that outlines the need for journalists to accept the reality of blogging as an important new medium in our society. The article also goes on to ask for ethical, and common sense, boundaries that will help to correct many of the struggles often seen on blogs. I particularly liked the following quotes.

Weblogs, commonly called blogs, are among the digital platforms that are "the future of our industry. I have no doubts about it,"


"Help them understand that there is nowhere to hide this material in the world of Google," Mattingly said of blogs. "If you write it and publish it now, it may affect you when you apply for a job 12 years from now. And it will affect your classmates. It will affect your best friend. You have a Christian responsibility not only to your own talents and career that God has given you, but to those of your colleagues."

If you would like to read the entire article, you can do so here.

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