Ok, so I know that I said I probably would not be posting again before Indy. Well, I wasn't planning to until I received an email this afternoon from Dr. Nathan Finn who shared with me about a new site that he is contributing to, along with 4 other professors from Southeastern Seminary including the president, Dr. Danny Akin, found at Nathan, while speaking about the blog says, "We will be posting on a variety of topics, including theology, culture, mission, the SBC, and book reviews." To see Nathan continue his good work in writing is always encouraging but to see him joined by a number of able minded professors is particularly encouraging. I look forward to reading what is written there and I hope that you will take a few moments to do the same thing. I'm also looking forward to seeing one of our seminary presidents taking on blogging. It should be fun to watch.

You can connect with the new blog by clicking [here].