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If you have not yet found the incredible insight being offered over at "Between the Times" I would highly encourage you to run by and subscribe to their feed. While most blogs, mine included, seem to offer a tremendous amount of information that is often nice but not essential, BtT consistently offers powerful information that always adds to my knowledge of Christ and His Kingdom. I have yet to read something that they have produced that is not helpful in my walk with Christ. There are two things in particular that have just come from BtT that I would point you to as particularly helpful information. The first is a post they just published which is the 5th article in a series called 'Biblical Foundations and Guidelines for Contextualization'. This specific article is written by the Regional Leader for the Central Asia region of the International Mission Board. It is a significant article from an intelligent practitioner of missiological principles that speaks to our questions of how we reach Muslims and what methodology we may use, specifically, in our pursuit of the conversion of Muslims. To read that article, click here.

Secondly, the gentlemen who compose the authors of this blog (Dr. Danny Akin, Dr. Bruce R. Ashford, Dr. Nathan Finn, Dr. Kenneth Keathley and Dr. David Nelson) have participated with my friend, Douglas Baker, in another interview in the series of interviews called InSight which is produced regularly by the North Carolina Baptist Convention. This is a tremendous resource discussing issues that are of great interest to Southern Baptists. I've included below the list of topics dealt with, should you be interested in that information.

The Recipients of the Great Commission; The Use of Means and a Great Commission Effort; The Great Commission – a Continuation, Commencement, or Culmination of God’s Biblical Narrative?; Missiological Challenges – Context Over Content?, A Pull-Back by Younger Southern Baptists?; Structural Skepticism of the SBC; Future Missionaries – From Where Will They Come?; Orality, Doctrine, and the Purity of the Gospel; The Camel Method; The Use of the Koran and Evangelism, The Cooperative Program – In Jeopardy?; SBC Church Planting- Will It Be Changed?; SBC Church Planting – An Evaluation; 20,000 Churches by 2030?; Landmarkism and Its Influence; Baptocentrism.

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