Better Books :: Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal

David Dockery has recently written a fantastic book called "Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal". I enjoyed having the opportunity to read it over the past couple of days. Dockery is the President of Union University in Jackson, Tennessee and the former Dean of the School of Theology and Vice-President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This book is an effort on Dockery's behalf to propose a path for Southern Baptists to take which will lead to a renewed sense of unity and cooperation. Through the use of history, both Baptist and Theological, Dockery establishes an understandable foundation to describe how we got to where we are today. Through the use of easy to understand writing, however, Dockery also proposes a series of steps that we can take to build a new consensus. In a bit of a sense, this book is a response to the efforts of those involved in the recent "New Baptist Covenant" while at the same time retaining some of the necessary Biblical parameters that make us Southern Baptists.

If you are a pastor or layman who believes that there is hope that our SBC can be even greater in the future than she has been in the past, this book should be on your short list of books to read. I would strongly encourage you to pick this up and enjoy.

Following up on the book release, Dockery has also participated in an interview as well. I would recommend that you consider listening to the interview if you have opportunity as well. You can do so by clicking here.