Better Books :: Finding True Freedom

A short while ago Ginny Brant asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her new book about her father and how he experienced Christ's redemption. The story of Ginny's father is a bit unique. You see he was part of Richard Nixon's inner circle in the White House and was one of only two, the other being Henry Kissinger, from that inner circle who were not imprisoned during the Watergate scandal that rocked the country. Throughout my life I've been fascinated by politics, even giving some serious thought to law and politics as a career choice before God called me into ministry. As a result I was eager to dive into the book. I was not disappointed. The book is part history book, part biography and part spiritual testimony. Looking through the eyes of a daughter who loves her daddy, the reader walks together with Ginny as she grows up in the Dent household. Watching as her father succeeds in regional politics, only to move on national politics, it is fascinating to get a bit of an insiders view of American politics from an unlikely viewpoint, that of the family of the politicians. Watching as they struggled through the success of their father, and yet watching as that same success took him away from his family was particularly interesting to me.

What I love about this book, however, is the emphasis that Ginny places on her dad's story after the political career was behind him. Reading his story of redemption, after all the success he could have imagined, and then watching as that success crumbled around him, was encouraging and compelling. Following this one time political mastermind as he walks away from politics and embraces Christ is rich indeed. Even better, however, is traveling with him as he grows to love ministry and missions and gives himself to that cause.

As the book closes, you will grieve with the Brant family as Harry Dent's life comes to a close, but you will equally celebrate with them as you realize that, even beyond his political fame, he lived a tremendous life that impacted the Kingdom of God in significant ways.

If you love politics; if you love stories about daddy's and their daughters; most of all if you love stories of God's grace and redemption, than this book is for you. I encourage you to take some time and enjoy this book.

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