Baptists and their booze

It's been said that the only way to keep a Baptist from drinking on a fishing trip is to bring along another Baptist. While I hope that's not necessarily true (the hypocrisy seems to me to be fairly close to the truth, however), it is true that Baptists need to have a Biblical opinion on the consumption of alcohol. Much has been made about this in recent days, and while I would like to write in great detail my thoughts, I simply don't have time right now. Instead I'm going to import a quote that I made on a friend's blog. After I wrote it I realized that it says, fairly well, what I think about the topic.

We need to be biblically accurate, and recognize the freedom we have to consume alcohol. We also, however, have to understand the potential dangers to it as well and as such, consider the benefits of abstinence. If we chose abstinence, however, it must be done from a place of personal conviction and not from a position of "forced" compliance [aka legalism].

Here's hoping that our reasoning for drinking, or not drinking, is strongly grounded in scripture, and in no other source.