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I hope all that took the quiz that I posted over the weekend enjoyed it. My mom, wife, sister and dad scored the best, although no one scored perfectly. I guess that must mean that I'm mysterious! :-) I'm posting the answers below with some explanation for the one's that need it. Question #1 What state was I born in? Missouri Florida Colorado North Carolina

Answer: Colorado. I was born at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs where my dad was stationed.

Question #2 Where did I preach my first sermon? Orange Hill Baptist Church Oakie Ridge Baptist Church Shiloh Baptist Church First Baptist Church, Chipley, FL

Answer: Oakie Ridge Baptist Church in Chipley, FL. I preached for Steve Garnett who was attending the SBC Annual Meeting. Steve's son, Daniel, was my best friend. (Which, by the way, answers a later question.)

Question #3 Who was my childhood hero? Larry Bird Michael Jordan Isaiah Thomas Magic Johnson

Answer: Larry Bird, of course.

Question #4 How many times have I moved in my life? 4 12 18 26

Answer: Unfortunately 26 would be correct. That would include every move I've made while I've lived in 8 states and 2 foreign countries. I've lived on a total of 3 continents.

Question #5 Which two are my favorite sports to watch? Baseball & Basketball Football & Golf Nascar & Baseball Football & Baseball

Answer: This one needs some explaining. If I was watching my favorite teams (Packers & Gators) football is always king. However, I don't really enjoy sports unless I have a rooting interest. Having said that, Nascar and Baseball captivate my attention almost all of time.

Let the booing begin. Trust me, my wife has already expressed her disappointment in my choices. :-)

Question #6 What is my favorite musical group? Third Day U2 Coldplay Switchfoot

Answer: If you read my blog you know the answer to this is U2. The greatest rock band of all time, clearly better than the Beatles and the Stones. U2 is the best.

Question #7 What is my favorite TV show? Law & Order CSI: Miami Grey's Anatomy CBS Evening News

Answer: Law & Order, although Tracy and I watch CSI: Miami every week, without fail.

Question #8 How many years have I been in school? 19 20 21 22

Answer: Another trick question. Many of these years I've been a part-time student. The total, however, is 22.

Question #9 What is my youngest daughter's middle name? Grace Lydia Charis Noel

Answer: Noel. Her name is Kessed Noel. Kessed is a variation of the hebrew word "chesed" which means God's loving kindness and Noel is a french word that refers to Christmas. She was born right after the holidays and so her name is interpreted to mean "God's lovingkindness to us at Christmas-time."

Question #10 Who is my favorite preacher to listen to? Mark Driscoll Ed Young Jr. Andy Stanley Ed Stetzer

Answer: Mark Driscoll, I love listening and watching to him. His is my primary podcast that I subscribe to.

Question #11 Who was my best friend in high school? Scott Daniel Mike Patrick

Answer: Daniel (otherwise known as Goofy) who is also a pastor today. I'm fairly confident that if he reads this, he will kill me for writing his nickname for the world to see! :-)

Question #12 What was my major in college? Biblical Studies Divinity Theology New Testament

Answer: Theology

Question #13 Who was my favorite college professor? Bill Cook Mark Rathel Rick Freeman Wiley Richards

Answer: Although I love all these men and have been particularly influenced by Drs. Cook and Rathel, Dr. Rick Freeman continues to be my favorite college professor.

Question #14 Who is my favorite fictional author? Tim LaHaye Frank Perretti John Grisham Roger Wood

Answer: John Grisham

Question #15 What is my favorite US city to visit? Atlanta Panama City Chicago San Fransisco

Answer: In an ideal world I would love to live in downtown San Francisco. I love that city!

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