and the winner is….

We are so excited to announce the winners of the free trips to Israel. We had over 100 small church pastors from across the country register, and while we wish we could help each of them go, we are very excited to see two be able to travel with us.

In order to provide a fair conclusion to our contest, each person who registered was digitally placed in a database with a number assigned to their name. Once registration closed, we used an automated program that randomly generates numbers and asked it to randomly generate two numbers. Once we matched up the winning numbers with the winning registrants, we learned that these two pastors are going with us to Israel!

And the winners are....

  1. Rickey Fuller, Pastor of Beacon Light Baptist Church in Vernon, NY
  2. Tommy Rucker, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dunkerton, IA

We have contacted both men, and confirmed that they are able to travel with us. Thanks to everyone who registered! We pray that the Lord blesses you and the church that you faithfully lead this Sunday.