An update for this week

I have not blogged nearly as much lately as I would like to. To be honest with you, I haven't had time. I have been swamped with work and school and as the semester ends next week, I'm going to stay swamped for another week or two. This coming week, however, promises to be an exciting one! If you are from Frederick Boulevard I hope you are planning to be with us at some point over the next 4 days as we meet our candidate to lead our Student Ministry, Brad Durham. Brad is a very exciting guy with a passion for students and I hope that you learn to appreciate him as much as we have. If you haven't seen the schedule of events yet, please plan to at least be with us on Friday night for dinner with Brad as well as a Q&A time. It will be held in the new atrium and starts at 7pm.

Speaking of the new atrium, I'm also really excited that the last few pieces of work were finished this week and our new coffee shop is almost ready to open. Once we get the ok from the health inspector, we'll be up and running for business. I was by there this evening smelling the fresh coffee beans and I'll have to admit that even though I don't drink coffee, I was really enjoying the aroma! :-)

Also, we start a new sermon series this Sunday that should be very exciting and challenging. We begin "Letters of Change" as we'll take a look at the 7 churches in the book of the Revelation. We'll begin this week by looking at the verses immediately preceding the first church and we'll describe what a God centered church looks like.

Finally, if you have some time, please pray for my youngest daughter Kessed. She's been sick for 4 days and her fever keeps running close to 103-104. We've been to see the doctor, and we're going back again tomorrow, but she is worn out. Please pray that the doctor would prescribe the right medication and that she can be restored to health soon! I really appreciate it.

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