An African reminder

Dagara Women Although it has now been nearly 5 years since Tracy and I returned from Burkina Faso, West Africa; and although we were only there for 1 year of our collective lives; that one year is still the single most influential year of my life. In fact, almost my entire philosophy of ministry and methodology was developed through my training with the IMB and my practice on the field among the Dagara of Burkina. Occasionally I am reminded, more than at other times, of the desperate need that still exists among the Dagara and am moved once again. Tonight is just such a night. I can't explain it - can't really put my finger on it, but I can't stop thinking about Burkina tonight. I wanted to encourage you to pray for them sometime in the near future if you read this post. Pray that they would be taken out of their spiritual bondage (darkness, if you will) and that they would recognize the light of Jesus Christ. As a visual reminder I have posted a video below ! that might be of help to you. I realize that the video is a large file, but the video is a portion of the Elder Initiation of Malidoma Some who is a Dagara from Dano, Burkina Faso (about 45 minutes from the village we lived in.) Malidoma has come to the US since his childhood and has earned his Ph.D. here. He has now taken the animistic beliefs of the Dagara and is using them to teach people from all over the world how to find peace. It is a very, very New Age, mystic laced spirituality and/or philosophy. It is very unfortunate, to be honest, and is another example of the deception that exists within the beautiful Dagara people. This process of initiation is a very intricate process. It is one that our believing friends, when queried about it, expalined it to us as "Satan's Baptism." As such, I'm sure you can recognize the need for us to pray earnestly for the salvation of the Dagara people who are blinded by their ignorance of the truth of Jesus.

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