Adding on

Here at, we're always striving to add positive, exciting content that both interests the reader, and gives the author (namely me) opportunity for creative outlets. As such, we are proud to announce two new additions to the family. audio.gif

First, we are excited to announce the opening of "Sermon Sound." SS is a separate blog that integrates with to provide regularly updated sermon content. While I've always had an audio page, by adding this new blog it allows me to archive and categorize the sermon files which allows for users to search by criteria that meet their needs. This also allows for users to subscribe to the RSS feed and receive updates whenever I've posted new content. Coming very soon will be a feature which will convert this blog into a podcast as well in case you want to automatically download the files.


The second addition is the opening of my new "Hello Foto" foto blog. I've become fascinated by photography over the years, and while I'm no professional, I certainly enjoy working at it. Although I haven't added any pics yet, they will be coming soon.

Let me know what you think of the new additions.