A wonderful Sunday

Once again we had a really good weekend of worship. God is really blessing our church in particular through our teenagers. Once a month we have an outreach project. During this monthly project we go door to door in our community and share the message of the gospel. We've been doing this for 3-4 years now and have struggled with success. Recently our teenagers have come on board with this ministry and have really birthed new life into it! We took 7 teams this afternoon and spread out over our area and saw wonderful conversations occurring as teenagers communicated their faith with the rest of the community. Our youth pastor, and myself, did not even lead groups. We followed other groups and watched and prayed as they led and shared their faith. It was really exciting. In our neighborhood, the girl leading the group I was with, Sam, had the privilege of leading a gentleman to Christ. It was a blessing to experience. This weekend's experience came on t! he heels of our Disciple Now from last weekend in which the kids were trained to share their faith and spent a Saturday spreading out in our city and sharing with various people. The Disciple Now was hosted by Southside Youth Outreach which is a parachurch organization in our community working with teenagers. Shane Sanderson and Jodi Brager, the leadership of SYO, have both recently joined our church. It was good to see the teenagers continuing to be dedicated in their faith a week after their commitments were made during the Disciple Now.

The picture's below are some from the Disciple Now.

Our Worship Pastor, Seth Mason, leading worship at the D-Now.

Seth Mason

One of our students, Jared, playing the drums.

Jared Wertin

Our Youth Pastor, Nick, and some students worshipping.

Nick Drake

This is me speaking.

Micah Fries