A thought about theology…

I have been inspired to write a short note by my friend Mike's blog! Make sure you check it out. I like theology, having said that I'll admit that it's easier to say what I'm about to say because of my proclivity. It is my opinion, however, that all believers should study theology. I remember a student in college who told a professor that he didn't know what he thuoght about a theological situation nor did he really care because it would all "pan out" in the end. The professor's response was quick and sharp. He said that the student was a theological "cop-out". The idea was that the student didn't like controversy and that he was really lazy and so he didn't study when he should have.

I'll have to admit that I agree with the professor. I really am not all that concerned if you agree with me or not, theologically. I am ticked off, however, when believers don't care about theology or when they're dogmatic about something that they haven't really studied. Theology is the study of God and we've got to understand that. If someone doesn't like controversy they shouldn't have followed Christ, in my opinion. Christianity is controversial at its core.

The greatest problem, I believe, is that most "believers" don't really want to study their faith. We offer cliche's and we're quick to lap up the shallow "truths" that most pastors throw our way instead of being independent thinkers who study the Bible for ourselves and know what we believe and why we believe it. We must be careful or we're going to find ourselves reverting to the force-fed "dummy" belief system of the catholic church in the middle ages. Where are the people who really want to think about their Christian faith?

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