A night on the town...

We had a blast tonight as we celebrated my birthday together in Kansas City. What was already a special evening was made even more exciting when Tracy's Uncle Tim gave us the opportunity to sit in a Luxury Suite at the Sprint Center to watch both of the games. Man, what a great experience. So, below are just a few of our pictures with some explanations. I hope you enjoy!  

Tracy and I sitting in the suite between games. 

The Sprint Center from our original seats. 

The Gators warming up before the first game. 

Nick Calathes, the Gators' impressive sophomore point guard. 

This year's College Basketball Hall of Fame induction class. It was headlined by Charles Barkley, Dick Vitale and Nolan Richardson. 

Dick Vitale challenged Charles Barkley to a game of 1 on 1. Believe it or not, Barkley won. :-)


The tip-off at the beginning of the KU vs. Washington game. 

Sherron Collins, the incredible point guard from Kansas. 

The back of Bobby Knight's head as he called the KU vs. Washington game. 

Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs wide reciever, is the one standing up. The man sitting down, with his back to the camera and wearing a sleaveless navy blue jacket is Larry Johnson, the Chiefs All-Pro running back.

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