A legacy of losing…

...I was reading Mike's most recent post and it made me think about the sad history that I have with vehicles. I've not driven the most respectable vehicles in my life. I thought it might be a bit humorous to allow you to peak into my authomotive history. (I've included pictures that look almost just like mine although these pictures aren't actually of my vehicles.) PS: Isn't it interesting that I've never owned a car that wasn't white. Even the car that Tracy drove when we were dating and first married was white. I wouldn't draw any inferences from that. I'm really not a racist! :-)

Car #1: 1988 Ford Mustang (4 cylinder) - Car #2: 1993 Ford Taurus - Car #3: 1985 Toyota Minivan (our African vehicle, imaging driving this through the bush without 4 wheel drive, it was somewhat of a disaster) - Car #4: 1999 Toyota Camry (the one bright spot, currently Tracy's car) - Car #5: 1987 Dodge Aries (my current ride)

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