A Hurting Heart

A good friend of mine, who must remain anonymous due to security restrictions, is preparing to leave in a few months to serve in a Central Asia country which is dominated by Muslim thought. I receive his prayer letters, and after receiving the latest one I asked him for permission to post it. He has given me permission and so I have removed references to their families names and have posted it below. I hope it moves you as it moved me.

Prayer Warriors,

I just want to share with you a couple paragraphs out of my prayer journal tonight and ask that you pray with me…

Thanks to the babysitting of my wife's parents, she and I got to go on a little date tonight. We went out to eat at Fazolis and then went to watch the movie The Kingdom. Wow! What a powerful movie! It's about a terrorist attack on Americans who were living in Saudi Arabia. The movie really made me think. There are Muslims in the world today who are extremely evil and want to kill all "infidels." Also, there are many more Muslims who are nice people, meaning well and not meaning any harm to people of different religions. Both kinds of Muslims, though, like all people without Christ, are without hope, peace and forgiveness of sins. They ALL need the Savior, and how sad it is that so many Christians are afraid and/or unwilling to take the saving message of the cross to Muslims. I can only imagine how many Muslims out there, whether violent or not, are living without Christ because they have never seen or heard of His grace, love and forgiveness. They have no idea of the gospel because no one has ever told them.

My heart is broken for Muslims, and I pray God will continue to give me a growing passion and longing to bring the Good News to them. Truly, the Muslim harvest is plentiful, but the workers to bring them the gospel are so few. PLEASE, GOD, SEND MORE WORKERS TO THIS VAST HARVEST FIELD. LET MUSLIMS SEE THE LOVE OF CHRIST. OPEN THEIR HEARTS, SO THEY WILL REALIZE THEIR NEED FOR THE SAVIOR. ONLY YOU CAN SAVE THEM, BUT PLEASE USE NOBODIES LIKE ME TO BE TOOLS OF YOUR SALVATION.

Praying for workers, A Southern Baptist Missionary Acts 20:24