A heavy, yet hopeful heart

Sometime ago I began blogging as an attempt, on my behalf, to help keep our Southern Baptist Convention on the right track. We, as a denomination have walked the path of biblical integrity for some time now. We have had our faults, but we have remained true, authentic if you will, for the most part as a denomination. I wanted to help this wonderful denomination, and the people within it, to be better than we have ever been before. As we have continued to walk down this path together I have watched with joy as I have seen many SBC'ers gather together with hearts of unity, desiring to strengthen our body. Unfortunately, however, I have also seen lines drawn in the sand and I have seen horribly ungodly attitudes in evidence from those on both sides of this methodogical, and theological, divide. I have watched as friends have engaged in name-calling. I have been saddened as former partners have disengaged with each other over unimportant issues. Most sadly, I have seen in myself the willingness to, at times, give in to the temptation to wallow in the mud of character assaults, personal bias, and ungodly attitudes.

My greatest fear, however, is that in our attempts to be better, we have unwittingly opened a denominational "can of worms" and we have created problems that we never intended to, or needed to, create. It will never be my hope to create division, but rather unity around Christ in spite of various, lesser, disagreements. As we continue to press on in this series of disagreements it is my hope that we will all attempt to honor God as we struggle together. I'm absolutely unconvinced that many of us have walked with that thought at the forefront of our minds.

Having said all of that I want to encourage all of us involved to continue to pursue what is best for our convention. Work hard with the glory of God at the forefront of our minds. Don't stop because of the fear of a fight, but don't create a fight either. Don't give in to the temptation to attack people, but rather deal with issues. More than anything, pray that God will take our often repeated missteps and build His kingdom in and through them.

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