A couple of videos

I've got a couple of videos to throw out there, in case you might be interested. The best one is a video posted on my wife's blog. That's right, she's now a blogger! :-) I'm very excited about this turn of events. We've struggled with what to do with our family site for a while and she's decided to use it to post videos and pictures for our family in particular to see. She posted her first video tonight. It's a hilarious video of our youngest daughter Kessed singing and then trying to avoid the camera. You need to check it out. You can see it here. The second video is a recent message from Frederick Boulevard. We're still trying to work out the glitches with posting videos on our new website. For some reason we cannot get this video formatted to show on that site. So I'm posting it here if you are interested. It's not the highest quality yet, we're working on that too, but it's here if you are interested. This message has been one of the more popular ones that I've delivered at Frederick. The monkey story at the beginning seems to have been a big hit with a lot of folks.