A country we love

Tracy and I love Burkina Faso. When you see the country for the first time it doesn't look very lovable. We certainly didn't love it at first. For six long months we hated the country. We hated the smell, the heat, the noise, the lack of privacy and most of all the separation from our family and friends. Then amazingly, God spoke clearly to us about learning to trust Him in the desert (literally) and we learned to love Burkina. It's really hard to describe how we often find ourselves aching to go back. Some days it even physically seems to hurt. I would give a lot to go hang out under our mango tree again and make some hot tea with Pasqual, Tite and Raymond. I would dance so hard if I could go back and worship with them as they play the drums and sing loudly with each other. There is so much that is unlovable about that country, but there is so much that is lovable about the people and about living in a place where you are completely trusting God. It's funny how we think we've got it made in America when I really wonder if maybe we don't. Maybe our so-called freedom is in reality bondage. Bondage to Satan is what I often think is going on because I just can't trust God, mainly because I don't have to trust God. We talk about being willing to do anything for God and yet most of us, myself included, are scared to death to sleep under the stars in the middle of the African bush if God were to ask us to. God free me from my freedom, help me to learn to trust you again. Give me some more"africa" so that I might follow you.

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