36 for 36 : Help me celebrate my birthday


My birthday is this week. I'll be 36 years old on Tuesday, October 28th. A friend gave us a great idea about how to celebrate, and I want to share it with you. You can help me celebrate in a really big way. Some of you may be aware that we are in the process of adopting a child from the southern African Kingdom of Lesotho. We have invested pretty heavily to make it happen, and cannot precede any further without help from people like you. So, here's the crazy idea to help me celebrate my birthday. We would like to invite at least 36 people to partner with us in our adoption journey by donating at least $36 this week. We currently need enough money to pay for our dossier fee. This is our next significant step that will allow us to matched with a specific child. This specific cost is lower than most countries, but is still $1,400.

Because we have partnered with a great organization called AdoptTogether to help us raise money, anything you donate will be tax deductible. That makes it a win/win, right? ;-)

If you want to donate, you can click on this link and go directly to our AdoptTogether Fundraising Page.

If you want to give by check, you can do that too by mailing a check to the address below:

AdoptTogether 251 W Central Ave. #278 Springboro, OH 45066

One last request. Would you take a minute and share this with your social media accounts? We need all the exposure we can get!

Thank you so much for considering this. We are genuinely grateful for your partnership!