A little data about Chattanooga, and the world

This past Sunday, in the second sermon of our Vision 2019 series, we looked at the Great Commission. I also shared some demographic data about Chattanooga, North Georgia and the world. We have had quite a few requests for that data since I shared it, so you will find the information below.

As we pointed out this past weekend, this data is a helpful indicator that instructs us as we seek to reach our community, and is a powerful motivator to encourage us as we move forward helping those who are far from God become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Chattanooga Metro

Catoosa County, GA

Across the World

  • Only 6.4% of all money given by Christians, around the world, to Christian causes, makes it to missions. (The financial data comes from multiple sources, including The International Bulletin of Missionary Research & The Traveling Team)

  • .00006% of all money given to missions makes it those who are unreached and unengaged with the gospel.

  • The amount of money the global church spends on missions among UUPGs is only about 20% more than Americans spent on Halloween costumes for their pets in 2014.

How is Brainerd doing?

As we mentioned in the sermon, we are going to provide a fuller update during the Member’s Meeting on February 24th. However, here are a few specific data points that give a small indication of how the church is doing.


  • YTD: 1906 (4.8% increase) Last Year: 1818

  • Since August 19: 1994 (8% increase) Last Year: 1847

  • Since January 1: 2139 (16% increase). Last Year: 1837


  • YTD: 50 (108% increase) Last Year: 24


  • We currently have 8 units on the international field (A unit is an individual family segment. A single individual is a unit, as would be a family of 5.)

  • We currently have 8 more units in process, preparing to move overseas.

Micah Fries