121 The Forum - Student Style

conference_logoWe are very excited to announce that we've added a Student track to our upcoming 121 Forum lineup. With the conference designed to help lead participants to embrace a Biblically faithful, culturally relevant theology & methodology, it seemed to lend itself to also training the next generation as a part of what we are doing.

If you are a pastor or youth pastor, this is a great opportunity to bring your students to be challenged to live the Gospel in their contexts. The students will be included with the main sessions when Bob Roberts & Alvin Reid are speaking and will break off for a series of large group training and breakout sessions designed specifically with students in mind. As with the larger conference, one of the best perks is that it's FREE and each student will get a copy of Alvin Reid's book "Join the Movement"!!! You can't beat that.

The schedule for the Student Track is listed below:

Friday Session #1 6:30 Welcome & Worship 6:50 Bob Roberts - The Local Church/Living the Kingdom of God 7:50 Q&A 8:20 Break 8:35 Bob Caldwell 10:00 Student Rally

Saturday Session #2 9:00 Welcome & Worship 9:30 Breakout Session 10:40 Break 10:50 Breakout Session

12:00 Lunch

Session #3 1:15 Worship 1:30 Alvin Reid 2:30 Break 2:40 Alvin Reid - 8 Keys for missional living in the 21st century 3:40 Q&A 4:15 Finish

I'm very excited about the breakout sessions. Each is designed to equip students to minister in the 21st century. Here are the descriptions of each breakout session. Each student will choose one of these tracks to go through.

Track #1: Worship Leadership - Nathan Elder This track is designed for those who would like to learn how to minister as worship leader. This track is not limited to those called to be "vocational" worship leaders, but is open to anyone who desires to use worship as a means of ministering.

Track #2: Student Ministry - Lyle Witcher & Steven Bradshaw This track is designed for those who would like to learn more about ministering to students. Again, this track is not open only to those called to "vocational" student ministry but rather all who would like to serve students.

Track #3: Missions - David Hendrick This track is designed for those who might be interested in pursuing some future in missions - this might mean long term or short term missions efforts.

Track #4: Missional Living in the Marketplace - Bob Caldwell This track is designed for those who don't anticipate going into "vocational" ministry but who want to learn how to live as a missionary in the workplace.

Track #5: Preaching & Teaching - Micah Fries I'll be leading this track and I'll be working with those who would like to pursue faithful Bible teaching and preaching. Emphasis will be placed on the preparation & delivery.

So, it's time to register you and your students! Visit 121forum.com to register!