121 Coming soon!

blog_logo I am very excited to announce that our church has agreed to partner with the Missouri Baptist Convention to host the 121 Conference which will occur on August 28th & 29th. The conference is an effort to help understand how to take 1st century mission and theology and apply it in a 21st century context. We hope to tackle issues such as missiology and ecclesiology from a textually accurate and yet culturally relevant manner.

We have put together what I believe is a phenomenal example of speakers from Missouri and around the rest of the country. We're also still waiting on final confirmation of one or two more speakers. For now, however, here are those who have agreed to be with us.

Dr. Bob Roberts Pastor - Northwoods Church - Keller, Tx

Dr. Alvin Reid Professor of Evangelism/Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism/Associate Dean of Proclamation Studies - Southeastern Seminary

Dr. Rodney Reeves Dean of the Courts Redford College of Theology and Ministry, Professor of Biblical Studies - Southwest Baptist University

Dr. Allan Karr Director, Nehemiah Project, Associate Professor of Church Planting - Golden Gate Seminary

So, start to make plans now to be with us in August! We'll release more information as we get closer to the conference!