Ergo, Ergun Ergun Caner is at it again. Just a few months ago he preached a sermon at Thomas Road Baptist Church on the inherent evils of hyper-calvinism. He then involved himself in a series of aggressive attacks on much of the reformed movement within the convention. Now Caner has written an article that is produced in the National Liberty Journal by the same name as his previous sermon. Tom Ascol has produced a response in reply to Caner's article that I would encourage you to read as well.

The most unfortunate aspect of Caner's article is that hyper-Calvinism is NOT a wide-spread problem within the SBC. Are there hyper-Calvinists in the convention? Sure. Are they potentially killing the convention? NO!

There are a tremendous amount of problems with the article, but I'll simply comment on two of them. First, notice that Caner references an article on another church splitting over Calvinism, yet doesn't give us specifics. It leads one to believe that he's creating the situation in order to support his argument. Have church's split over Calvinism? I'm sure they have, but not in droves like he leads us to believe.

Secondly, notice this comment I was returning home from an engagement last month when I met a director of missions. As we talked, he leaned in and whispered, "The Reformed movement will not go away. They are slowly taking over some major churches."

I thought he was talking about hyper-Calvinism? Why does he mix that with simple (historical) Reformed theology?

These kind of diatribes that are unfounded are, at best, unfortunate and at the root of the problems inherent within the SBC. This activity is most discouraging.