My Blog is a Success! I have determined tonight that my blog has truly reached succesful fulfillment. Up to this point we've seen glimpses of success (i.e. being quoted in news articles, SBC leaders leaving comments, yesterday a member of the House of Representatives stopped by, etc.) but never before has this blog reached such dizzying heights! What is it, you ask, that would provoke this excitement? Well, according to my statcounter, two individuals were reffered to my blog through various search engines. What's even better, is what they were searching for that got them to me.

1. If you search google images for "crips and bloods gif" you will find a pic from my blog as one of the top 20 responses. Why, I'm not really sure, but it's pretty cool anyway.

2. If you search Comcast for "deerticks" you will also be led to my blog, wich makes me laugh, and laugh, and laugh until I almost want to cry.

Now this has made my weekend!