A Cautious Reminder As I've studied recently I've come across a quote that was convicting to me as we continue to stretch our theological wings and continuously find ourselves bumping into each other. I would challenge you to read, and heed, these words by Paul Rees.

“Look at Him-this amazing Jesus! He is helping Joseph make a yoke in that little carpenter’s shop at Nazareth. This is the One who, apart from His self-emptying, could far more easily make a solar system or a galaxy of systems.

Look at Him again! Dressed like a slave, with a towel and basin for His menial equipment, He is bathing the feet of some friends of His who, but for their quarrelsomness, should have been washing His feet…

‘He humbled Himself!’ ‘Don’t forget this,’ cries Paul to these dear friends of his at Philippi. ‘Don’t forget this when the slightest impulse arises to become self-assertive and self-seeking, and so to break the bond of your fellowship with one another!”


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