A reminder of lostness I had the privilege, yesterday, of listening as a missionary from Turkey shared with many of us about their work. I was astounded by what he had to say, and wanted to share just a portion of it with you.

If you were to take the states of North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska and add up their population you would roughly have the population of Turkey (aprox. 72 million). If you were to then take every evangelical church within those Midwestern states and turn them into mosques you would have roughly the same number of mosques as Turkey has. If you were to then have 1 church located somewhere in the Midwest with a membership of 3,500 you would have the entire Christian population of Turkey. It silences you doesn't it? It's frightening to think just how desperately lost the people of Turkey are. Missiologists tell us that, statistically speaking, Turkey is the most unreached country in the world. Missionaries like this man and his family are sacrificing their life and livelihood in order to plant themselves among people like the Turks.

I thought this story might be a good reminder today to pray passionately for missionaries, like these, who are covering the world with the message of Christ as well as the peoples among whom they serve.

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