Please pray for us! God has placed Tracy and I in the most amazing church in the country! MVBC is a fantastic place that has been aggressive in attempting to reach the lost and has put up with a LOT of my craziness as I've attempted to shepherd them. I love them for the way that they love me and, beyond that, for how they love God! MVBC is a very unsual church in that it is 140 years old and yet it has virtually none of much of the baggage that generally goes with an older church. Our church body is very young and we continue to reach young people, particularly young couples. God has been moving among us for some time now and we have been growing and now we're experiencing the pains of growth. We have waited and waited and waited until the last minute to consider building additional facilities. We really have tried to use every available space for classrooms and we're absolutely out of bathroom space as well. As a result of all that we've been progressing towards building a new building for education and a fellowship hall which will be an enormous step in the life of our church. Our Building Committee presented their recommendation this past Sunday night and now we will pray about it over the next 3 weeks. We'll be voting on it on May 3rd. We would really value your prayers for us. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can do so by clicking here. Thanks!

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