Porn for massesPorn is one of the most significant, and devestating, features of our modern American culture. Statistics tell us that there are almost no men in American who are untouched from the tentacles of porn at some point in their lives. XXXchurch.com is a good resource for helping men break the bondage of porn. I'll warn you that they don't beat around the bush and some are easily offended at their approach to this ministry. I'm not endorsing everything that they do, but I do recommend, in particular, their X3 Accountability Watch. It is a free download that will really help men and women in their attempt to live pure lives.

Craig Gross is one of the founders of xxxchurch.com. He has just established a debate forum with Ron Jeremy who is undoubtedly the most famous producer of cinematic porn in American history. These debates are taking place over a series of months on college and university campuses across America. He began with a debate recently in Boston, MA. I would encourage you to read Craig's report of the debate here. Craig also happens to mention one fan in the crowd who just happens to be my old college roommate, Brian Metz (that's Brian, with the beard, pictured above). Brian blogged about the debate himself and I think his post may be one of the most honest, refreshing takes on porn that has been communicated, at least that I can recall. I would encourage you to read it here.