A Visual Kind-of Guy I'm a visual kind of guy. Call me a little kid, but when I get in various situations I tend to think in pictures. I also have a hobby of playing with graphic design. Adobe Photoshop is one of the greatest programs in the history of mankind! Anyway, with all the emphasis towards partnership/cooperation I thought it would be fun to create a visual interpretation of that thought and so I created the logo's that you see above. I thought the handshake represented well what we want to achieve and the word "koinonos" is found in the New Testament over and over to mean partnership, particularly among believers. Philippians 2:2 doesn't use the word "koinonos" in it but it stresses the idea of unity/cooperation. Beyond that, I thought there might be a chance that some would want to show that they've committed to making cooperation/partnership a priority so I've set up a shop here for people to purchase items to wear. Have no fear however, no one is making money off this. I just create the items and anyone can purchase them through the website. All the money is going to the company that hosts the site. I repeat, no one is making money off the site!

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