Mars Hill Church I am fascinated by Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Mark Driscoll, the author of "Radical Reformission" that I recommend on the sidebar of my blog, is the pastor of this church and one of the pastors that I admire.

This church is reaching an unbelievably large amount of the post-modern generation but they're doing so much differently than the Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and Ed Young Jr. types. Driscoll typically teaches/preaches for at least 1 and a half hours. He deals with topics such as, "Expiation" and "Propitation" while also dealing with things such as sex and alcohol. They are not only having service on Christmas Day, they're having 4 SERVICES on Christmas Day. It sounds to me like they must think that their people are going to attend on Christmas Day.

Their church website has tons of free downloads including sermons, music and funny pieces as well. One of the things that is so appealing about them is that they offer so much on their site for free. They even give you chord sheets for all their worship music that is posted online.

It may be time that we start thinking more about being a little more challenging in church. It seems to be working in Seattle.

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