My thoughts exactly I've struggled with dogma much over the past year. I have been known to be very dogmatic at times and each time, unless I could support my position with absolute scriptural certainty, I have struggled with indecision regarding the rightness of my dogma. I've recently come to the conclusion that I must be LESS dogmatic. This sounds strange to so many of our ears. It's important to note that I remain very conservative theologically. I have, however, come to the conclusion that there are some very strong biblical theologians out there who have come to opposite conclusions as I have and with good reason. They're not stupid or even necessarily biased, rather they're simply bible scholars who have studied a text and because that text is not absolutely clear, they've chosen a different view than I have. As such my new motto is this: "When scripture is clear, I will be clear. When scripture is not absolutely clear, I will give room for freedom." I'm convinced we are pushing too many people to take biblical inferences and treat them as if they were biblical mandates. I believe strongly that if God wanted it to be clear, it would be.

IMonk has recently written a very well thought out piece that I highly recommend for you to read. Please read and consider what he is saying. It's really good material. You can read it here.

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