I'm pumped about our newest sermon series at the church! We are a little over halfway done with our current series which is walking through the book of Acts. We've entitled it Mp3 which refers to three basic themes of Acts; 1. A Mission of Proclamation, 2. Our Method is Partnership, 3. Our Message is preached with Passion. Hence the Mp3 concept. We should finish this series around the end of March. After that, however, we're starting a series on the Glory of God from Genesis to Revelation. I'm not completely sure right now how long it will last but we're doing the preparation for it now. I've been learning more and more about graphic design and so the photo above is actually the powerpoint background that I'm thinking about using. I made it with our new re-NOWN logo that I created yesterday. By the way, the upcoming series is entitled re-NOWN.

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