Redemption theology? I've thought for a long time now that there is more to redemption than just what we preach. I began about two years ago diving into a topic from missiology called "cultural lift." It's a basic principle that says that when Christ enters a life He enters that culture and then elevates that culture not just spiritually, but also medically, scientifically, educationally, etc. The basic premise is that Christ makes people better which in turn encourages them to value some things over others (i.e., others well being, medicine, science, etc.). The problem with this thought is that too often, especially here in the states, Christianity doesn't do any of those things for a person. My thought is that Christianity in America has become more cultural than conversional and if it became conversional again we would see these things beginning to occur, as they have historically through the church. I've run across this concept once again, recently, while studying the emerging church. While reading "Emerging Worship" I was encouraged to see that many in the EM (Emergent Movement) view redemption more holistically than traditionally we might. They believe that Christ redeems people in order to redeem cultures. It's a "brave new concept" that in reality is not new and really shouldn't have to be brave in order to be believed. I think we need to teach this more and allow our people to buy into it. Maybe we should call it, "Holistic Redemption"? What do you think (about the concept, not the title)?

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