Amazing Grace....... A recent conversation I had with my 23 month old daughter from my cell phone to Tracy's cell phone:

Micah: Hey Grace!

Grace: Hello Daddy:

Micah: Whatcha doing?

Grace: Eatin at Taco Bell

Micah: Watcha eatin?

Grace: A quesadilla (and yes she knows how to say quesadilla!)

Micah: oh boy!

Grace: Love you Daddy

Micah: Love you too sweetie

Grace: Bye, bye Daddy

Micah: Bye, bye

I'm a pretty biased dad but I tend to think that my daughter is above average. Her maturation has been amazing. So as we aproach her 2nd birthday (next monday) I thought I'd mention some things about her that are particularly amazing, in my view. She is basically potty trained, she can count to 5, she can recite the alphabet to m, she is already almost 3 feet tall, she can carry on entire converstaions, not just one and two word sentences. I could go on but so as to not brag too much I'll quit now. Suffice it to say, I'm one proud Daddy!

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