A conservative dissapointment.... I'm a conservative. That being said I'm not partisian in the classic sense. I do hold strongly to some moral positions that won't allow me to join the Democratic Party. I also hold strongly to some moral positions that have recently made me want to consider leaving the Republican Party. Having said all that I want to briefly comment about the Iraq War. I'm not going to say much now because I've kept my mouth shut about it for the majority of the time until now. However, I did want to mention that I'm dissapointed because I really believe that not only was the Iraq War a wrong course of action, something that I've maintained since the beginning although most of my peers disagreed with me, but I am beginning to believe that we were purposefully lead astray by at least some members of the current administration. This saddens me because in many cases I really like this administration, but I refuse to turn a blind eye to compelling evidence just because some of the administration happen to generally agree with me. What I don't know is whether Bush had knowledge that has been released recently beforehand and chose to ignore it. I have studied a lot of information lately and I could list much more but I'll stick to just one piece of evidence that intrigues me. It is the evidence concerning the aluminum tubes that America intercepted that were heading for Iraq. Members of the administration were quoted as saying that he tubes were "only really suited for nuclear weapons programs,". However, from information that we had learned previously, as well as information that was declassified within the past week we find that top intelligence specialists told the administration that it was very unlikely that these tubes could be used for the nuclear purposes that the administration claimed. In other words, some members of the administration knew that the tubes couldn't be what they claimed they were prior to their confident assertions and they chose to make them anyway. This saddens me, and makes me wonder who was pulling the strings and who chose to take this route. I won't say I'm surprised because very little surprises me in the political realm anymore, however I will say I'm dissapointed.

One last thing I'll say. I think Bush is a good man but I absolutely don't trust Cheney. In my opinion he may be Bush's biggest mistake.

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