I've decided that one of the major problems with politics in America is that lawyer is seen as the ultimate platform to spring from into politics. Now I have nothing against lawyers or politicians, growing up I strongly wanted to be involved in both arenas, and still would like to if given the opportunity. The problem that I have, however, has to do with what makes a lawyer great. Great lawyers, I mean great ones, not good ones, are made in our judicial system when they can disregard morality and win. The bottom line in law today is to win. If you have to fudge the lines, if your motions for dismissal are ridiculous and costly, if your arguments are alltogether unreasonable, none of that matters as long as it buys you time and helps you to win your case. Defense lawyers in particular have to fight this disease although prosecutors are not devoid of the temptation themselves. When you couple this danger with the voracious appetite of paid lobbyists and the constant barrage of public opinion polls we have now created a monster of a system that leads us down a road of placing selfish agendas ahead of legitimate morality. It's unfortunate.

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