11 thoughts on “Where were you?

  1. About 6 feet from where I sit at my computer, in my recliner, watching it on NBC Today. I turned it on and the first plane had just hit the first tower. We watched all day.

    We had a house-guest from Germany. When Pres. Bush grounded flights in and out of the USA, she was stranded until the ban was lifted some days later, and a few days more. She’d been scheduled out that afternoon….

    I also recall clearly .. minute details .. VJ Day, FDR’s assassination, JFK’s assassination, Reagan’s taking a bullet, the explosion of the Indiana State Fair Coliseum that killed around 120 as I recall, and the invasion of Iraq (that one, I was standing on the end of a dock in Port Royal, Jamaica, talking to my son on my cell phone…). That one coincided with the government’s invasion of Healthsouth here in Birmingham, one result of which is a good friend’s still being in prison.

  2. I was in my office in Bonifay Florida. As a former military member, now retired, it was the attack on the Pentagon that caused me the most concern. It was like a punch to the heart…the Pentagon I couldn’t believe it.

  3. I was at my desk in my office in downtown Washington, DC. I turned and looked out my office window and saw the smoke rising from the Pentagon. I will never forget it.

  4. I was in my office at the Atlanta Opera in midtown. The tallest building in Atlanta was 2 blocks away, and we were wondering how widespread the attacks would be. We tried watching the coverage on a TV with no cable and could barely make out what was going on. The internet was swamped, so we listened to the radio. A few weeks later we open up a comic opera after deciding that it was OK to laugh again. It was my first opera and was anything but sad and boring.

  5. I was at home getting ready to go to BCF for work…we all took turns taking breaks at the Preschool all day because none of us could believe it

  6. I was walking out of biology and wondered why there was a crowd watching the tv in the lobby. After I saw what happened I walked back to my dorm and watched the second plane crash in my room with my roommate. It was the most surreal moment of my life for sure.

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