Visiting History

Tonight we enjoyed getting together for our annual St. Joseph Baptist Association Christmas Dinner. This year we got together at First Baptist Church of St. Joseph where my good friend, Jared Hamilton, is pastor. FBC St. Joe is an historic church in Southern Baptist circles as the man who proposed the creation of the Cooperative Program was a messenger from FBC St. Joe. In fact consecutive pastors from St. Joe First Baptist were highly influential in the early stages of the CP. While we were there tonight I got the chance to take some pictures of their historic sanctuary. I consider myself to be a student of history and love walking through the halls of history in person, when possible. This church is a great example of walking into history. Looking like something that would be more appropriate in Spurgeon’s London than in 2009 St. Joe, I am constantly amazed at the architecture, history and sense of importance that I feel every time I walk in that building. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

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  1. Beautiful photos of a very elegant looking sanctuary. I’ve never visited FBC of St. Joseph but you’ve whetted my appetite to do so. Sorry about your football team this afternoon. My Longhorns are certainly struggling with the Huskers (writing this at halftime with a 1 point lead).

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