Although I intended to write the first post in my 3 part series on the strengths of the Emerging Church movement, I was buried in work this week and haven’t been able to get to it. Thanks for your patience. We’ll start soon.

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

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  1. As all of us look at the Emerging Church movement, I believe it’s essential that we look at doctrinal issues initially, pre-eminently, and with discernment. Some of those who were and are on the ground floor of the movement seem to have some shaky or shallow views about the gospel, and I think we need to see what they have to say in the light of Scripture. I believe that you’ll have some thoughtful, Biblically-based views on aspects of the Emerging Church movement to share with us, Micah, and I look forward to hearing that. I also believe that if there are strengths in the movement that we may commend and emulate because they’re solidly founded on Scripture, then we need also to look at their teachings. I have some true, deep concerns with doctrinal issues that I’d like to see addressed as well.

  2. Steve-

    I agree with your estimations. It is no doubt true that there is a significant allotment of those leading the charge in the EC movement that are seriously in danger of, at best, theological error and at worst, heresy. I in no way want to intimate a need to embrace those aspects of the movement. The truth is, however, that the EC movement is incredibly broad and difficult to simply write off in a wholesale manner.

    This quick look should be fun.

  3. Thanks for responding. While I feel that many of the leaders of the Emerging Church movement have seriously flawed and many times heretical doctrine, I was a bit milder in my initial comments to you in my previous post, primarily because I know that you are thoroughly orthodox and would vigorously and uncompromisingly oppose any departure from the Truth in the movement.
    It’s somewhat analogous to a couple of situations with me. For instance, while I consider myself a true conservative, I hesitate to say so and then have anyone lump me with Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, both of whom I consider embarrassments to conservatism because of their arrogance and intolerance. Or that I’m a Calvinist, but know that many people have skewed carricatures of what Calvinism is really about. In the same way, the Emerging Church movement may indeed be incredibly broad but I don’t want people who know the EC movement through the errors of Brian McLaren, for instance, to misconstrue anything that’s said on this site as aligning us with those errors.
    Again, I look forward to what you have to say, because I know that you’ll present only that which is Biblically-based. God’s blessings.

  4. Micah, have you seen “Lets talk Post-Modernism and the Emergent Church” on youtube with Al Mohler, Ravi Zacharias, and R.C. Sproul?

  5. Good clip, Monica! Thanks for that!

    I do realize that the Emerging/Emergent Church is rather fluidly defined (as is appropriate). But as has been pointed out, the most visible aspects of the movement tend to not just take a liberal stance on a few specific doctrines, but have a faulty understanding of Truth itself that undermines any and all doctrines. So when I hear of conservative, Bible-believing Christians/churches/pastors (or anybody, really; since the movement is so poorly defined, I’m trying to get some definition by asking the question) identifying themselves with EC, I have to ask, What is it that you see you have in common with the EC?

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say about this subject, Micah.

  6. Monica-

    Thanks, as well, for that recommendation. I had not seen that yet. It is appropriate to point out that I agree with the vast majority of the conclusions drawn by these men. Particularly when it comes to Brian McLaren I have little use for his theology that is void of biblical substance. I hope that we have the ability to call that kind of theology, or non-theology as it were, exactly what it is, and that is heresy. Having said that, there are more traditional, orthodox streams (at least in theology, though not in methodology) in the EC movement who do have beneficial content to offer us. I’ll try and have that examination begun next week.

  7. Monica, thanks for the post about the youtube spot featuring Drs. Mohler, Zacharias, and Sproul. An article at http://www.relevantbibleteaching.com entitled “Emergent Delusion” is very good in looking at aberrant doctrines one can encounter. I’d recommend, as well, John MacArthur’s book Truth Wars and sermons/interviews and the like on his Grace to You sight. I’m also looking forward to Dr. D.A. Carson’s upcoming book that I understand will address and assess elements of the EC movement.
    Thanks to you, Micah, for your reasoned response to Monica’s youtube recommendation and your repeated reassurances and promises to share what you have this coming week.
    God’s blessings.

  8. My sister is listening to Truth Wars on audio both my husband and I are looking forward to listening to it. Regarding the different streams within the Emerging church, to be sure not all are heretical. Perhaps what we can learn from the movement as a whole is that this generation of young people feels disconnected from the Body of Christ. They may feel that the traditional Christian religion is outdated in its approch to their realities. Add to that a post-modern worldview that seems to permeate every level of society, and you can see why these people are redefining christianity to fit their realities. The challenge is to be relevant, and engage them on their level without compromising the gospel. This will look different than what has been done in the past.

    My parents were apart of the Jesus People \ Charismatic movement, they rebelled againt the dry orthodoxy they percieved their parents generation. Now the next generation is rebelling against the Christian landscape that my parents generation helped shape. I am looking forward to Micah’s insights on some of the Emerging Churches strengths that we can embrace, and how we can engage this movement.

  9. Oops! Instead of Ben saying my wife and I are looking forward to listening to Truth War, he accidently said, my husband and I are looking forward to listening to Truth War. I’m glad you guys enjoyed “Lets Talk Post-Modernism and the Emergent Church.” Those guys are some of my favorite apologists and teachers. Micah, I’m excited to see what you have put together about the benefits of the emerging church. Steve thank you for the website relevantbibleteaching.com. I haven’t got the chance to look at it yet. I have crying babies in my arms right now.

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